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Biolite’s Global Enrichment® technology is an exothermic redox detoxification and self-curing granulation process which consumes zero energy, eliminating the energy-intensive costs of traditional fertiliser manufacture which is probably the third largest industrial CO2 producer in the world. Biolite Technologies/Power Minerals Ltd currently has five patents pending for its unique production process.

Biolite’s Vitality+® agri-product advantages:

  • They contain micro-nutrients such as magnesium, zinc and sulphur, which are not available in chemically produced fertilisers.
  • Their lime content, when incorporated, may eliminate the need for farmers to apply a separate liming agent.
  • Slow release properties ensure maximum nutrient uptake is achieved and watercourse leaching is minimised.
  • Locally sourced agri-products mean reduced stock inventory for the user. Due to the raw materials used, end users can be confident of secure, consistent long-term supplies.
  • Application is with conventional equipment and the farmer also benefits from a price advantage compared to currently available fertiliser products.